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Women's History Month - Mabel Palmer, DC

While Mabel was evangelizing chiropractic—and the role of women in the profession—so too were the women all across the land raising their voices for equal rights and protections under the law. This not only energized Mabel—but it also provoked her into action.

Low Back Pain Stretch:  Seated Piriformis Stretch

This week we will learn a seated piriformis stretch. This will target not only the piriformis, but also the gluteal and outer hip muscles, which can become tight when we sit for long periods of time. You will need a chair for this stretch, preferably one without wheels. If your chair has wheels, make sure they are locked in place.

Can Changing Weather Cause Joint Pain?

Do you swear your arthritis ‘flares up’ when there’s a storm coming, or does your shoulder pain get worse as winter gets closer? Did you ever wonder if this is an "old wives' tale, or can a change in weather actually make pain worse? You are not mistaken, a change in weather actually does have something to do with aggravated pain symptoms.

Benefits of Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has practiced acupuncture for three millennia, and now alternative medical therapies like acupuncture are on the rise in the United States. Through the use of fine, sterile needles at acupoints along twelve meridians, acupuncture improves the balance and flow of your body.  This may sound very odd to people that are used to "Western" medicine, however, it has been proven extremely effective. The acupuncture philosophy holds that the mind and body are inextricable from each other, where thoughts and emotions of the mind can drive physiological responses, impacting emotional and physical health.

Stay Hydrated with the Best Water Alternatives

It’s officially the middle of the summer! And with the incoming heat, it’s important to keep yourself healthy and hydrated. Don’t worry if you’ve grown a bit bored with plain old water—we’ve got your hydro needs covered! Check out our list of fun and healthy water alternatives to keep things fresh. 

How to Start Putting Yourself First: 3 Easy Steps to Begin Your Self-Care Routine

Putting yourself first is often very difficult for people to do, however, it is necessary to take time to soothe your own soul to maintain your mental and emotional wellness.  Making time for a favorite activity, steering clear of negative people, and making your feelings known are three steps you can take to help remove stress and anxiety from your life.  Read on for more information.

Freeze Your Own Produce

With so many people staying at home trying to stay busy, many are planting gardens to reap the health benefits of produce. If you are like me, you end up with more veggies than you can eat! However, not everyone has the knowledge or the supplies to can their extra veggies, but there is another option... freezing them! Here are some pointers about how to freeze your bounteous harvest.

Stress Can Be Good For You

Healthy stress may seem like an oxymoron—but it’s true, stress can be healthy for you in certain doses and certain situations. Your body was built to create responses to stress, and this has been one of the keys to survival—but what good can it do for us in modern times? Turns out, more than you may think.

Benefits of Hyssop Oil

Hyssop oil has been used since biblical times to treat respiratory and digestive ailments, and as an antiseptic for minor cuts, as it as has antifungal and antibacterial activity against some strains of pathogens.  It also has a calming effect, making it perfect to ease irritated bronchial passages and alleviate anxiety and decrease blood pressure.

Back To Action Coronavirus Action Plan

There is no higher priority to our patients and staff than everyone’s safety. Be assured that we are monitoring the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and Public Health Department to stay on top of this evolving situation.

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