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Doctor-Formulated Quality CBD Products

Lydexar is here to change everything you know and understand about CBD products. We understand the need and demand for reliable, hemp-based products, which is the origin for our CBD ointments made with CBD derived from non-gmo hemp ointments. Formulated by a medical doctor alongside chemists and other scientists, our initial line of products, Lydexar Professional, were created by Dr. Joe Cangas, a board-certified physician, and US Army veteran. Dr. Cangas had a mission to create products he would trust for his family, friends, and patients. Stop by our office to learn more about how CBD can help with a variety of conditions, and to try it for yourself.


Back braces have been around for 60+ years and most people have put one on at one time or another. A typical back brace uses elastic to tighten around the waist and hips to create compression and stabilize the core, which in many cases can provide short term relief for lower back pain. Back braces are also used for healing an acute lumbar issue such as a bulged/herniated disc or sciatica. Although back braces do not cure a condition, they are very useful in the treatment or "healing period". Back braces are also worn for heavy physical activities if core muscles are not strong enough to support the activity.

Why do back braces get a bad (w)rap?

Unfortunately, typical back braces are uncomfortable to wear because they are made of materials that don't breathe and are bulky. They only use the force of an elastic band to tighten, they don't get tight enough to keep the lumbar spine from compressing, which is needed to optimize healing and provide effective pain relief. One of the most common mistakes that people make in wearing a back brace is wearing it too long, which ultimately creates atrophy (weakness) in the core muscles, resulting in long-term (often more severe) chronic issues.

The BaxMAX was engineered to address these issues.

When the BaxMAX was created, we considered all of the shortcomings of a typical back brace in our design. First, the BaxMAX is not made of elastic. It's made of a thin, porous nylon fabric (stitched with Kevlar) so it doesn't stretch like an elastic back brace and is breathable. The material compound makes it extremely durable (has a 5-year warranty), yet comfortable enough to wear all day if needed, plus it doesn't hold heat, so you won't get hot and sweaty. The patented 5:1 compound pulley system enables the BaxMAX to get 5X tighter than the elastic braces, resulting in 5 times the support.

To try BaxMax, stop in our clinic for your personal fitting.

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